A Convenient and Secure Garage Access Solution

One of Australia’s favourite garage solutions, roller doors are a practical and secure solution for any Australian home. Roller doors consist of horizontal slats joined together that are designed to form a rolling curtain and sit above the garage entrance. 

Roller doors are a classic and convenient option that is ideal for garages with limited headroom and offers excellent garage security. Available in a range of different materials, roller doors can be customised to fit any garage style and size.

Roller Door Features & Benefits

Roller doors offer a range of features and benefits that make them an attractive choice for homeowners looking for a convenient and secure garage solution.

Space-saving Design

Roller doors are an excellent option for garages with limited space because of their space-saving design.

Designed to roll up and down on a track and above the garage entrance, roller doors take up minimal space and offer access to the garage ceiling for additional storage. Unlike traditional garage doors that swing outwards or upwards, roller doors are ideal for those spaces where every inch of room counts.

Enhanced Security

Roller doors offer excellent security features that will keep your garage safe and secure.

Roller doors feature a sliding bar mechanism that locks internally, making them incredibly strong and difficult to force open. Additional locking mechanisms can be added to enhance their strength and durability.


Canberra Garage Doors offers a wide range of roller doors that can be fitted to any garage, regardless of style or size.

Available in a range of colours and materials, including steel, aluminium, and PVC, you can choose a garage door that will match your home’s exterior. With the ability to customise your roller door, you can add to your home’s overall aesthetic and provide your home with a practical garage solution.

Roller Door Range


B&D’s Roll-A-Door has been a popular choice among Australian homeowners since their invention in 1956 and makes coming and going from a home a breeze.

With a range of colours to choose from, there’s a B&D Roll-A-Door that will perfectly suit your home. B&D’s Roll-A-Doors are visually appealing and built with unmatched durability and security, providing peace of mind and protection for your valuable possessions.

Roll-A-Door Neo 

Get the best of both worlds with Roll-A-Door Neo, which provides the functionality of a roller door with the stylish appearance of a sectional door.


If you are looking for a roller door solution that is high in quality and affordable, look no further than B&D’s Rollmasta. Rollmasta garage doors are a robust, secure and sleek solution designed for use in homes, sheds and commercial properties. 

Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door 

Designed to provide resistance against high winds, B&D Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door ensures your property is correctly protected from severe weather conditions. Complying with the National Construction Code’s high-wind requirements, the Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door has been independently certified for use in all high-wind and cyclone-prone regions throughout Australia.

Commercial Roller Doors

Designed to provide maximum protection B&D’s commercial roller doors are suitable for various properties, from small storage spaces and shopfronts to larger warehouses. B&D’s commercial roller doors are constructed with durable materials and feature a range of security features designed for ease of operation, safety and security. 


Featuring B&D’s famous Roll-A-Door curtain fitted on a curving track, which lifts the door into a horizontal position close to the ceiling, the Flex-A-Door is the perfect alternative to a traditional tilt door. They are the ideal for homeowners looking to replace their tilt doors with a safer option or who have restricted headroom.  


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