Keep your garage safe and secure

As one of the critical access points to your home, it’s crucial that you ensure your garage door’s safety and security are considered. At Canberra Garage Doors, we offer a range of different safety and security options to lock to ensure the safety and security of your garage. 

We offer a full range of garage door opener accessories at Canberra Garage Doors. 

Opener Accessories Product Range


As one of the more significant entry points into your home, the garage door serves a critical role in protecting your valuable possessions. Auto-Lock is our advanced automatic locking bolt, engineered with smart, keyless technology, designed to enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind.

B&D Cameras

Remotely monitor and open your garage door by installing an integrated B&D camera. B&D cameras are a smart and secure camera system designed to help increase the protection of your home.

Outdoor Camera

Our outdoor camera is designed to withstand the elements. It delivers clear, high-quality video resolution and night vision, so you can easily monitor and grant access to anyone who approaches your garage.

Indoor Camera

Never receive a parcel slip again with our indoor camera. Designed to allow clear communication with anyone you have permitted to access your garage while they are inside, you can watch the postie drop your package off and close & lock your garage door behind them.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Featuring crystal clear video resolution, two-way audio for live communication and remote access via the B&D smartphone app, the Pan Tilt Camera is designed to allow clear communication and visibility with anyone you have allowed to access your garage while they are inside.

Safety Beams

B&D Safety Beams are an essential safety feature for any garage door. They work by using infrared sensors placed on either side of the garage door, just inches above the ground. This advanced safety feature ensures that you, your family, friends, and valuable possessions are kept out of harm’s way.

Smart Phone Control

Leaving your garage door open can be an open invitation for unwanted entry, but with B&D’s Smartphone Control Kit, you can rest easy knowing you have control even when you’re away from home. The kit allows you to monitor and control your garage door from any compatible smartphone, whether you’re at work or even on vacation.

Battery Backup

In times of emergency, such as a flood or fire, or during scheduled or unplanned power outages, it’s crucial to have reliable access to your garage. That’s where B&D’s Battery Backup comes in – it ensures that you always have full functionality of your garage door, even when the power is out.


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