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We offer a full range of garage doors services and only use high quality products we know will last.

Safe as can B&D

Did you know that when an ordinary garage door is shut, it’s not actually locked? So, to keep the things in your garage safe, get a B&D garage door.

With over 60 years of innovation and features like the Auto-Lock system, you can be sure that with a B&D door your garage isn’t just shut, it can be locked shut.

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B&D To You

We come to You!

Not able to come to our showroom and want that test-and-touch experience?

Don’t worry! We have B&D To You! It’s exactly what it sounds like- a mobile showroom that comes right to your driveway.

Shopping around for the best choice can get complicated fast, and that’s the beauty of B&D to You; it keeps things nice and simple. With B&D, there’s no pressure, no obligations, and no questions we can’t answer.

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Canberra Garage Doors

Installing and servicing high-quality garage doors throughout Canberra and its surrounds.

My name is Al, I own and operate Canberra Garage Doors. We are a family-owned and operated company with years of experience installing and servicing quality garage doors throughout Canberra and its surrounds. 

Whether it’s a new garage door, repair, service or conversion, we are the friendly local professionals ready to help. Known for our reliability, work ethic and friendly, affordable service, we offer a full range of garage door services and only use high-quality products we know will last.


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